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About Us

We are a full-service fountain rental company. We can provide dipping items upon request, but for the most part we prefer just deal with the rental of the fountain, chocolate and accessories. We set-up, break-down and service our fountains at your event. Our professional attendant is responsible for helping guests enjoy the fountain. They help with fountain etiquette and refilling the fountain with more chocolate if needed. We pride ourselves in customer service and guarantee a quiet set-up and breakdown of the fountain during your event. We require a sturdy, level table close to an electrical outlet (we supply extension cords just in case) and enough cocktail napkins and plates for the number of guests being served.

Our Owner

Owner Kevin Cunningham, having been successful in the Frozen Beverage Party Rental business as the owner of The Margarita Man of Delaware. Seeing the positive results from customers and other vendors to our famous Frozen Margarita Machines and Mixes made me realize that people love adding something unique and fun to their events. In my search to offer another unique product that had the same "WOW" reaction as our famous frozen drink machines we decided to embark upon The Chocolate Fountain Rental Business.

Our Fountains

We use what we feel are the finest chocolate fountains on the market. We offer numerous different sizes of fountains of 19", 23", 27", 34" and 44". The Deluge Cascading Chocolate Fountain - 34". The new Magnificent Deluge Cascading Chocolate Fountain is an entirely new look in chocolate fountains and only Delaware Fountain Chocolate Rentals has it! Be the first to show off this at your next event.

Our Chocolate

All of our chocolate taste and works great with our fountains, but there is a difference between each type. Here is a brief explanation.

Belgian Chocolate

This is our finest most delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains. It glistens as it flows through the chocolate fountain and it's taste is deliciously smooth, creamy and rich. You will be lucky if you get the chocolate into the chocolate fountain before you eat it all from the package! We have this fountain chocolate made specifically for us in Belgium. You will not find a finer quality Belgian chocolate anywhere. We highly recommended our Sephra Belgian fountain chocolate for weddings or other extra special events where you want to make sure everyone leaves impressed. Our chocolate is also Kosher certified. It does not require the addition of oil and it tastes amazing. It is available in your choice of dark, milk or white.

Premium Chocolate

Our Sephra Premium Chocolate for chocolate fountains follows the same exclusive recipe from Belgium. However, it is made here in the United States by the same company in their North American facility. It uses USA milk products which do create a different flavor profile for the milk and white chocolate than the Belgian chocolate. Sephra Premium chocolate has a wonderfully rich texture and flavor. The price of the Sephra Premium Chocolate is a little lower because it is made in the USA so, if you are more budget conscious, this is an excellent choice. You will be delighted with how flawlessly this chocolate flows in your Sephra chocolate fountain. Our chocolate is also Kosher certified. It does not require the addition of oil and it tastes amazing. It is also available in your choice of dark, milk or white.

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Whether you're hosting a wedding reception, graduation party, or other special event,
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