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Dipping Guide

Various fruit being dipped into chocolate fountation

To ensure your event runs smoothly, our Fountain Attendants will help and guide your guests on how to obtain the maximum pleasure out of the Chocolate Fountain. We have compiled a few guidelines to help you understand Chocolate Fountain etiquette and things to think about when deciding on what dipping items to use at the fountain table.

We place a small "Etiquette Sign" for guests to read. The sign says:

  • Place only one or two dipping items per skewer.
  • Please do not handle dipping items when placing them on your skewer (no fingers please!)
  • A plate will be given to you at the chocolate fountain.
  • DOUBLE DIPPING is never permitted (for obvious health and hygiene reasons).
  • Use a NEW skewer everytime you dip into the Chocolate Fountain.

Choosing and supplying your own dipping items

Dips should not be 'crumbly Soft, crumbly items break off, fall into the chocolate bowl and tend to clog the chocolate fountain. This results in the machine being turned off, the chocolate drained and the 'offending' items cleaned out before the machine can be started again.

All dipping items must be secured on the skewer. Any items falling into the chocolate bowl require 'fishing-out' and the machine being turned-off. Selecting 'firm' fruit is the ideal. Overly ripe or soft fruit can lead to dipping problems.

Napkins and plates should always be placed under the skewer while dipping and while being transferred from the chocolate fountain to your mouth.

Courtesy and consideration for others is paramount to everyone enjoying themselves. We're talking about those one or two people standing by the fountain all evening dipping and not letting others join in the fun. The rule is dip as many times as you wish, but do consider others who would also like to dip. We promise we won't run out of chocolate!

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